Howdy, I’m Kaylee 🤠

I study Computer Science (theory) and Symbolic Systems at Stanford. I’ve interned at Discord (platform security), Uniswap Labs (web), Microsoft (Windows Microsoft Search, Assistant and Intelligence), Tesla (Supply Chain), and DreamBox Learning. I also spent time researching children’s development through drawings at the Stanford Language and Cognition Lab.

I am interested in cryptography and building delightful product experiences. Some of my favorite classes at Stanford include number theory for cryptography, a George Orwell english class, and an animal behavior class. Make of that what you will.

I will go great lengths for good food and coffee. I believe walks help untangle thought knots and are better than buses. I think running and dancing are good ways to experience the physical human experience and plants are a good way to experience the conscious human experience. I occasionally play with words.

If you like stargazing in places with no light pollution, showing off pictures of your dog, or making homemade gnocchi, please reach out at krgeorge [at] stanford [dot] edu.

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